Dr. Veronica Ruelas

Veronica is an entrepreneur, doctor, author, speaker, certified yoga and meditation practitioner, and philanthropist. For the past 20 years, she ran a successful optometric practice, founded the non-profit ThirdEyeVision Foundation which brought free eye care, and is the founder and CEO of AshramChic.

She is a forecaster of trends and has strategically inserted herself into emerging markets well before they were mainstream. This has led her to the next dire need of our society which is, forgiveness. She is the driving force behind FORGIVITY’s behavioral and spiritual sciences.

Denise Gaffney

After a highly successful 20-year career on Wall Street, where Denise brokered international billion-dollar deals, she shifted gears and obtained a certification in Energy Leadership Coaching. Denise supports leaders in moving beyond what they imagined as possible for their own performance and success.

Denise’s expertise supports and enables executives to tap into their highest potential, get clear on their goals, and serve their organizations and communities.

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Advisory Board Member


App Developer, Patriapps


Advisory Board Member


Executive Problem Solver

Joni Godlove

Copywriter and Editor

Tracey Tango

Branding Consultant

Jasmin Jenkins

Advisory Board Member

Integrative Grief Guide

Palu Abadia

Audio Visual Editor

Our Story

The lack of forgiveness fluency manifests in mental and physical health challenges, staggering suicide rates, increased cultural division and malignant widespread hatred. It’s a silent epidemic and a generational problem in our world.
We decided to do something about it.

Denise and Vero

“We are backing Forgivity because we see a better future for our relationships with one another, and ourselves.”
— Drew Bartkiewicz, Patriapps Venture Studio

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