About Vero

Dr. Veronica Ruelas Veronica practiced as an Optometric Physician in New York and Miami for 20 years. In 2021, she co-created the app FORGIVITY. A neuroscience program filled with different psychological modalities, a little humor and an evidence based approach that retrains the brain so that forgiveness fluency becomes intuitive and sustainable.

WTF eelings

I have always been a person that feels things very deeply.  Call me what you want – an empath, super-sensitive, or worse.  The truth is it doesn’t change the fact that I feel things so deeply that it affects my experience.  So, separating the truth from the stories (Step 1 of the FORGIVITY program) took

Please Do Not Read!

I used to be part of a group, a clique. We did a lot of things together — couples dinners on the weekend, vacations, LNOs, snow days, workouts, beach days, holidays, you name it. I watched their kids grow, and they supported me during the birth and growth of mine. In retrospect, I guess I

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