FORGIVITY In The Workplace

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FORGIVITY In The Workplace

84% of employees report at least one workplace

factor that has a negative impact on their

mental health.

~ Office of the Surgeon General

FORGIVITY is a brain training and behavioral app that when used by the employees of an organization, increases psychological safety, reduces workplace conflict, and increases performance, productivity, and employees’ happiness.

FORGIVITY treats the root of the problem, which is daily resentments and unresolved anger.


42% of an employee’s time is spent
engaging in or trying to
resolve conflict causing stress that
costs US companies $300 billion annually.

Contact us today to be the agent of change in your organization that improves employees’ mental health and raises the company’s bottom line simultaneously. You have the choice of:

  • White Labeling our framework with your logo – seen as an in-house offering and service.

  • Using our patented Clean AI aka Bleached ID – gives your employees an additional layer of identity safety since they are not being monitored.


Will this solve all my company’s problems like the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting?2022-11-10T20:42:31+00:00

All your problems? Short answer is no.  Bob in Accounting will still play Candy Crush on his phone until he goes to Gamers Anonymous.  However, by learning skills like emotional intelligence, empathy and communicating more effectively; working cohesively with others will happen naturally so your resignation will not be so great and your quiet quitting will decrease exponentially.

Does this help with DEI?2022-11-08T09:29:05+00:00

100%. Our tagline, Humanizing Humanity, was built on DEI.  Why is it so challenging for us celebrate and cherish our individual differences rather than be scared of them?  The simple reason why we want everyone to be like us boils down to EGO.  If you’re like me, then all of my fears, hopes, and dreams are validated and affirmed.  If you’re not like me then I have to live with the uncomfortableness that I may be alone in what I think, see and feel.  It’s in the uncomfortableness where the magic happens.  You get to learn how to validate yourself while not in-validating others.  Looking to surround ourselves with people who only see things the way we do is a recipe for stagnation.  We only grow while in relationships with others who bump up against us.

We’re in this to grow right? 

What if we don’t need forgiveness?2022-11-10T20:15:49+00:00

Ok, what about tools for conflict resolution, resentment reduction, increased productivity, happier healthier employees?

We’ll wait…..

Is this some kind of spiritual app?2022-11-10T20:16:58+00:00

We are completely 100% non dogmatic.  We wanted our users to feel free to live in the space of forgiveness that they were taught. We aren’t trying to teach spirituality, but we are here to educate on positive psychology, harmonious behavior, and emotional intelligence.

It’s true – research shows that different religions and spiritual organizations teach forgiveness is vital and each have their own ideas on how to forgive. We aren’t here to reinforce or dispute any of religion’s ideas on forgiveness.

We also don’t share opinions on politics, pro-life/choice, gun control, climate change or any of the other topics that have been so extraordinarily divisive.  We want to transcend all that and teach how to humanize your loved ones, your co-workers, your partners even if they  have completely different views than you.

Why should my company buy your app and put it on our platform?2022-11-08T09:33:11+00:00

If an employee is harboring resentment they are not productive and disengaged (read – quiet quitting).  An engaged employee is 400% more productive.  That should be reason enough, no?

What happens if I and my co-workers don’t use FORGIVITY?2022-10-27T14:18:49+00:00

People used to smoke a lot and everywhere – on airplanes, in restaurants, while pregnant – until they were educated on the detrimental effects of that behavior on themselves and those around them.  Practicing unforgiveness also has serious effects on your physical, mental and emotional state, as well as those around you – at work, at home and at play.  Why would you choose to engage in something that you knew was affecting your body and mind negatively?

Got a light?

Seriously, all financial indicators point to a recession on the horizon. The people left will have an increase in workload ad decrease in salary thus increasing resentment.  This crowd will need FORGIVITY more than anyone.

How do you differ from Headspace and Calm:

First, we don’t see any apps as competitors. We compliment and can collaborate with them.  Calm and Headspace are incredible tools but just like any tool – its specific for what its intended for.  We wouldn’t use a hammer as our only tool to build a house, salt as our only seasoner.  You get the idea.  We’ve observed that all of the incredible tools out there talk about how important forgiveness is, yet, none of them teach us how. That’s where FORGIVITY fits in.

Forgiveness? Seriously? We’re Wall Street, we don’t do fluff.2022-11-08T09:36:44+00:00

We understand that you have been raised by wolves living in a super competitive environment where forgiveness may have felt ‘soft’.   You may feel that you need concrete programs like meditation, mental resiliency, and holistic wellness.

Funny and true story – one of our co-founders (who’s an advanced yoga and meditation teacher) pitched holding meditation workshops 10 years ago to one of the top banks on Wall Street and was told it was too “soft” a topic.   Now, look where meditation is.

Forgiveness is the new meditation. Do you want to be ahead of the trend or do you want to chase it?

What does onboarding look like?2022-10-27T14:17:19+00:00

We offer a 360 boutique concierge experience for your company to onboard.

We, the founders, will hold:

  • Welcome Workshop on Zoom or in person (if possible)
  • Weekly check-ins for the first month, monthly after that for a total of 12 months
  • Quarterly workshops presenting evergreen material for the employee resource library
How will I know if my employees are using FORGIVITY?2022-11-08T09:39:52+00:00

You will have your own unique login where, as an administrator, you can see the total check-ins made, the number of minutes they’re in the app, and how far they’ve come in the program to name a few.  This data is offered on a global scale for your company only.  Remember we don’t collect personal data from your employees so you will not be able to track them individually and it’s essential that they know that.

Company culture will improve: people will start holding the elevator doors open and replacing rolls of toilet paper in the unisex bathroom. “Skinny and sweet in your coffee, Mabel?”

Will you need my already stretched-thin IT department to handle the integration process?2022-11-08T09:37:42+00:00

No.  Our team handles integration to ensure that there is minimal or no disruption to you and your staff.

Are you telling me now I have to forgive my in laws?2022-11-08T09:41:54+00:00

Yes. But not right away.  You can’t run a marathon with a few days of training.  It usually takes months to build up to those 26.2 miles.  The same goes for this.  Start using the program with smaller transgressions to forgive.  Start creating muscle memory.  And before you know it, you’re crossing the finish line in Central Park.  (sorry, we’re New Yorkers.)

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